Kennel Philosophy

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About our Management & Kennel Philosophy

Allstar Labradors is a family owned kennel that has been raising Labrador Retrievers since the year 2000. This is such a great journey with all of our dogs through the last 17 years (and counting) we continue to share the love of this breed with others. The kennel philosophy has been, and will always be, to treat our dogs and puppies as our children; with their best interests, and that of the breed first and foremost in everything we do.

Registration & Breed Purity:

Our Labrador Retrievers and the puppies we raise are proudly registered with AKC (American Kennel Club) with an emphasis on the good health, longevity, and makeup. All of our puppies are sold with limited AKC registration.

The AKC standards allow only three colors of Labrador Retrievers to be registered, Yellow, Black and Chocolate, and hence we will not knowingly raise any other color as this is a genetic mutation. We will never offer any other non-standard color for sale or take part in the breeding of any other color. Our breeding stock comes from high quality proven championship lines. Allstar Labradors will not contribute to the growing trend of “designer colors.” We will not intentionally introduce genetic mutations into our blood lines to do so. We currently focus on the Black and Chocolate colors, hence we do not normally have Yellow puppies


Our puppies are well socialized and handled from the time they are born. They are introduced to being around children, other animals, sounds, and water, from the very start. These experiences are something that we find is necessary in any dogs’ experience skill set. Like human toddlers new experiences in this time frame are much less stressful. They have a huge amount of curiosity and little to no fear of anything.

Puppy Placement:

Allstar Labradors dogs’ are loved like our own children, and will always be FAMILY FIRST! We try our best to match all of our puppies to owner personalities as well as proper homes. From time to time Allstar Labradors will not complete the sale of one of our puppies; if we do not feel that one of our puppies would not be a good fit with a new owner or home.

Responsible Ownership:

Raising a puppy and caring for it throughout its life is a huge responsibility. This fact should not be taken lightly. Labrador Retriever puppies are especially very active, as well as requiring lots of attention, socialization, and exercise to keep them healthy and their brains active. Puppies require an enormous amount of attention and proper care, just as we care for our children. Be prepared to care for them as though they are your children for the next 11-14 years or so.

After reading this If you feel that you “probably” shouldn’t get a puppy, then you’re “probably” right!