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K9 Detection Services, LLC: 5 Star Business Review

Allstar Labradors business review of K9 Detection Services, LLC earns a well deserved 5 star rating.

K9 Detection Services, LLC located in Newburgh, Indiana offers several different services at their location and in the surrounding area.  After hearing about the great training results that others have had we decided to investigate further.


Allstar Labradors made several unannounced trips to K9 Detections kennel facility and the first thing we noticed is that it is clean. Their kennel does not smell like a kennel. Our first trip there was first thing in the morning and an employee was cleaning up in the kennel area; at the time we didn’t think much of it.  We made several other trips during multiple times during the day over the next several weeks. It became clear why their kennel does not smell like a kennel, someone was always cleaning; every time we stopped by.


Every time we stopped by or called we were greeted by a friendly staff member who was more than willing to help, show us around, or explain what K9 Detection does and how they do it. Over the course of setting up a training course for one of our younger adult Labrador Retrievers we left a couple of phone messages. These messages were promptly returned; which such simple courtesy and service is while minor speaks volumes in the care that they take for their customers.

The Training:

After getting the schedule worked out. We took our youngest Labrador Retriever Bella for some additional training and problem solving.  Unlike many of the other companies in our local area that offer dog training, your dog stays with K9 Detection for the duration of the training.  While on the surface this may be a new concept to many to board your dog for training. The results speak for themselves, there is a night and day difference for those that have not had training done this way before. For Bella this allowed K9 Detection to train 4 to 5 times a day, for every day that she was there; in this case 2 weeks.

The key to animal training is repetition, doing it many times, and frequency, doing it often. This is simply not possible going to a box store once a week for a month without a lot of commitment from the family. In fact the novice owner doing training without proper training themselves can cause more harm than good many times when first getting started out.

The Results:

K9 Detection did a fantastic job of getting Bella to mind her manners. In just two weeks there was a night and day difference. We were so impressed with the work by this team we have several more dogs scheduled for additional training next month.

In Conclusion:

K9 Detection Services, LLC. earned this 5 Star Review. Allstar Labradors would not hesitate to take one of our own Labrador Retrievers adult or puppy to them for training or boarding, in addition we would not hesitate suggesting that other do the same.

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