Video: Bella plays at Scales Lake

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In this Labrador Retriever video our youngest adult at Allstar Labradors, Bella gets to play with the family and in the lake on an overnight Scales Lake camping trip. By all of her excitement, she sure enjoyed a break for herself too. Bella just returned from two weeks of intensive training K9 Detection Services, LLC. We could not be happier with the results.

Family and Training:

All our dogs are very much a member of our family too, not just a name on a kennel door, or a line item on a profit and loss statement. Labrador Retrievers are very active as well as social animals. They require exercise, love, and attention from their family. If ignored they can be a 70 – 80lb ‘pet’ with the temperament of a 3 year old toddler. A bored frustrated lab can have a full on temper tantrum meltdown which can result in negative as well as very destructive behavior.These behaviors can be can certainly be prevented before they start with plenty of exercise as well as training.

Finally the more time you spend with your furry family member the more exercise they will get. Not only will they get exercise you will too. This bonding time will reap itself many times over as you work together as a family.

Labrador Retriever Running in the water