Introducing our new puppy Bailey

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Introducing Bailey

We are very excited to introduce Bailey’s Cup of Magic to our kennel and the rest of the world. After a 1,350 mile round trip by car this last weekend our newest male is safe and sound in his new home. Bailey will have some big shoes to fill as his sire is 4x GMPR Wing Magic’s Santa Fe Jake MH. He will be with us at home for the next few months until he heads out to start his training for competition. Before he heads out for training we will be enjoying having another Labrador Retriever puppy in the home.

Bailey has been off to a fast start. He is already making friends with the other adult dogs at home after getting an all clear vet exam. This less than a day after arriving back in Newburgh Indiana. Bailey has been exposed to several firsts already and had fun playing in the melting snow and puddles. The temperatures today were in the upper 50’s. This was welcome after a long stretch of extremely cold winter weather from just a week ago when none of our dogs wanted to go out in the -15 to -20 wind chills that we were experiencing here in Southern Indiana. We are really hoping the worst of the weather is behind us and that we wont be setting any new record lows any time in the foreseeable future.

Bailey’s Cup of Magic