News: Website Award, ranked in Top 30 Labrador Retriever Blogs & Websites

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Wow, A Blog & Website Award.

When I first started this website I wasn’t out to win a award. The goal was to share our love of our Labrador Retrievers by sharing our adventure with them. We wanted to make sure that our puppies when available went to the best homes available. Based on the ranking at Feedspot we are currently ranked at number 21, and I see why we didn’t rank higher. The fact is we need to post more great information which I intend on doing. Hopefully I will see some more visitors not only here but joining us on Facebook too.

Based on what I have read from Feedspot they look at several criteria in their ranking system including but not limited to: Google reputation and Google search ranking, Popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, the quality and consistency of posts, and Feedspots’s editorial team and expert review. I did all that? Ok, If Feedspot says so. I think I will focus on more content and see how it goes from there.

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